WG-Test GmbH

Services and solutions for board test systems

WG-Test GmbH offers test solutions and services for electronic board test systems specialising mainly on the HP/Agilent 3070 and Dr. Eschke test systems but also for Agilent Medalist I5000 and HP3065 test systems.

Board test solutions

Custom in-circuit test software development and functional tests, including individual enhancements like:
flash-programming, boundary scan, telecom-test.

Board test services

System management, board production testing, trainings, customer support and service.

We take care of your whole project

From A to Z, we will complete your project starting from the CAD translation right through to on-site installation taking care of all of your needs and requirements.


We have developed a new visual inspection system: AVIN
This low-cost, high quality automated visual inspection system is designed to be used in a wide range of applications.